• Tekken 6 Lili Cosplay Wig Halloween

Tekken 6 Lili Cosplay Wig Halloween

Model: SCY311

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Package includes:Wig.

Size one size fits most" and work for both men and women.


Size Table:

Custom Tips
If you need a custom made size, in order to make the costume fit better for you.Please provide all the informations of your measurement,You can in order checkout page give me a message.
1.Gender --- (you are Male or Female?)
2.Height--- (your height?)
3.Weiht --- (your weight?)
4.Bust --- (measure the circumference around the fullest point of the bust)
5.Waist --- (measure the circumference of the smallest part of waist above the hipbone)
6.Hip --- (put the tape around the fullest part of your bottom when you stand with your feet together)

Have any question,inquire or suggestions for Tekken 6 Lili Cosplay Wig Halloween? Please contact us.We will be happy to assist you."""