• Tekken Alisa Cosplay Wig Halloween

Tekken Alisa Cosplay Wig Halloween

Model: SCY312

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Package includes:Wig.

Size one size fits most" and work for both men and women.


Size Table:

Custom Tips
If you need a custom made size, in order to make the costume fit better for you.Please provide all the informations of your measurement,You can in order checkout page give me a message.
1.Gender --- (you are Male or Female?)
2.Height--- (your height?)
3.Weiht --- (your weight?)
4.Bust --- (measure the circumference around the fullest point of the bust)
5.Waist --- (measure the circumference of the smallest part of waist above the hipbone)
6.Hip --- (put the tape around the fullest part of your bottom when you stand with your feet together)

Have any question,inquire or suggestions for Tekken Alisa Cosplay Wig Halloween? Please contact us.We will be happy to assist you."""